Autism Consulting and Educational Services

Lorin McGuire, MA, BCBA

Available Services


" Lorin provided my supervision experience to apply for board certification. She observed and exposed me in several settings to allow me to have a more diverse experience. I feel I gained essential skills in child-centered ABA that will increase my professional growth. We worked together closely on appropriate data collection, analyzing the data, and making data-based changes to meet the client's needs. I was able to observe Lorin in action as a supervisor and therapist. She made the learning environment a fun and nurturing place to be. My supervision experience was a well rounded learning experience and I feel I am more prepared in the field of ABA and Education. "

- Jennifer, Instructional Coordinator & BCBA candidate

     The following is a sample list of services available. If you need a service that is not listed, please ask. All services will be individualized to address the needs of your child and your family.


     The assessment includes the completion of the Developmental Assessment for Young Children (DAYC) via parent interview as well as an observation of your child’s skills, strengths and areas of need. A written report will summarize outcomes, including developmental age ranges and suggested goals. This is necessary at the beginning of a program to determine the focus of intervention. It may also be useful in preparation for ARD meetings to guide IEP goal development.

Assessment—follow up

     Follow up assessments are an extremely useful measurement for determining if the program is adequately meeting your child’s needs. A written report will summarize developmental progress and suggested goals. Less than adequate progress on a follow up assessment may indicate the need for program modifications.

Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA)

     This is a comprehensive assessment designed to identify the triggers and reinforcers of specific challenging behaviors. It involves interviews and observations across multiple people and settings. This assessment helps identify the function that the challenging behavior serves for your child. Based on the results, a behavior plan is developed to address the challenging behaviors.

Clinical supervision

     Supervision by a board certified clinician is essential to ensure integrity of the intervention and maintain program effectiveness. Supervision includes observation of instructional methodologies, feedback and real-time training of the direct therapists, creation of appropriate data collection systems, reliability checks to ensure accurate data collection, data analysis, and program modification. The intensity of supervision may vary depending on the child’s rate of acquisition, the skill level of the direct instructor(s), intensity of the intervention program, and the complexity of the program components.

Parent training/support

     This involves analysis of challenging behaviors or difficult daily routine(s) to determine the function of the challenging behavior(s) and skills to be taught. Training covers ABA-based strategies to increase desired behaviors. Examples of parent education topics include dressing, feeding, toilet training, and community outings.


     Workshops cover a variety of relevant topic areas, including an overview of Autism Spectrum Disorders and associated characteristics, basic principles and strategies of Applied Behavior Analysis, and strategies and techniques for starting an effective home program. Trainings are also available on specific areas of need, including language development, toilet training, peer play dates and reinforcement systems.